I originally thought that the SOAP/web services interface would be stuck on the side of the database.

But I have discovered that it is all to do with the UniVerse client software and connection pooling, Hence it will work with 10.1.18 or greater.

The new software on the UniVerse client CD is eclipse based and (at this stage I think) Tomcat.

It also requires connection pooling. Everything can be setup without connection pooling, but no actual web service happens without it.

So, you install the UniVerse Client software on to the server (or another server if you wish), create a connection to the database, and then create and start a SOAP server.

The SOAP client talks to the SOAP server which in turn talks to UniVerse via rpc.

Does it work? Yes it does. I got a simple date conversion web service (output_1 = OCONV(input_1, “D4/”)) in 10 minutes. But it took me a couple of hours to work through all the documentation – or lack of it.

It looks as if the documentation comes from another products’ manual – sorta cut and paste rip job to get it out the door. The reason that I say Tomcat is because the word pops up in the manual – that is it. There is nothing about how and where to install the SOAP server, how it runs, how to make it start automatically etc.

Maybe next year in the next release.

But it does work…

More later. Exciting stuff.