I have returned to New Zealand after being away for 18 months. So, I have been on the lookout for information regarding the current status of IT within NZ, in-particular multi-value products.

The New Zealand MIS magazine had its top 100 ICT user list in the May 2008 issue. It lists the largest IT users, based mainly on the number of screens within the organisation.

Within the back of the magazine, after listing all the top 100, are breakdown indexes by database and application. The database is the one which interests me here. Below is a summary of the database products by company:

DataBaseNo. Companies

Access 5
DB2 18
Informix 9
Ingres 3
InterBase 2
Jade 4
Lotus 4
MySQL 24
Oracle 64
Pick 1
PostGres 2
Progress 3
Sybase 12
Teradata 2
UniData 1
Unisys 1


As can be seen, there are two entries for multi-value products: Pick and UniData.

Not much…