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I-Types within UniVerse field definitions

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MS-Access 2010 and Calculated Fields

The new version of MS-Access (2010) has the ability for calculated fields. You may already know this concept as virtual fields, I-Descriptors, derived fields, or if you are rather long-in-the-tooth; correlatives within U2. So, does MS-Access 2010 have the same...
Mail lists down

Mail lists down

The U2 mail lists have been down now since 24th March 08. A couple of emails came through this morning, so I hope that...

Mail lists down

Get an F for History

As I am in the process of moving, I am in the middle of the 'clean and junk' routine. I found a very old fax, dated 27...

Mail lists down

DIY B-Tree’s

While reading through the PICK entry on the wikipedia.org website, I found a link to www.semaphorecorp.com which has...

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