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New OS!

An article from Larry Dignan of zdnet.com covers a new operating system (0S) from Microsoft called Singularity. Apparently MS can design and build a new OS from scratch and not have all the baggage and legacy of yesteryear. Since the origins of U2 was PICK and in it's...

New IBM DB Magazine

This morning, I received an email from IBM regarding the first issue of the new magazine: IBM Database magazine. IBM...

Desktop Rebuild

I have over the last three days been rebuilding my MS-Windows XP desktop. I normally do this once a year, around...

Road Trip

I am currently on the road from Miami to Washington, DC. I will review all the exciting stuff from the IBM U2...

Off to the IBM U2 University in San Francisco

Getting ready today for the trip tomorrow to San Francisco for the IBM U2 University. I have gone over the various

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