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SB+ front-end client to the SB+ product

Image by Chaos07 from Pixabay

SBClient 5.4 bug

During an upgrade to SBClient 5.4 I had some issues with various PC's. I could not get SBClient to start after upgrading. It would debug. I solved most of the problems by installing from the CD rather from the network. Last week, I had a new PC set up and I attempted...
Random background in SBClient

Random background in SBClient

The background to the SBClient window can be rather boring. I have in the past just set a company logo to be repeated....

Random background in SBClient

PDF in New SB+

I have been spending some time on the new PDF facility in SB+ 5.4. As it is based on the HTML page, it inherits all...

Random background in SBClient

Socket to me baby…

OK - bad title. I have been using the socket functions within uniVerse to talk to MS-Exchange 2003 via the IMAP...

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