I got thinking about the STRING.MATH functionality within SB+.

What can be done with it? It is useful?

Well, it is designed to interface into the ACCUMATH software package calls (from the documentation within the STRING.MATH routine/template).

Can it be used for anything else?

Yes, it can. UniVerse does have string maths built in, so it could be implemented via this function and could also be useful for performing advanced analysis.

So, what does this MATH expression element do? Not much actually. SB+ converts the PARAGRAPH expression:

 RESULT = MATH(expression1, operation, expression2) 

into the equivilant UniBasic:

 CALL STRING.MATH(expression1, operation, expression2) RESULT = VALUE 

Therefore, expressions 1 & 2 can be anything and so can the operation. The routine STRING.MATH routine would do a IF/THEN or CASE on the operation parameter, where the real work is done.

An example is in the DMSKELCODE file as STRING.MATH.

I may use this for simulating some MS-Excel advanced functions for data analysis. Fun Ho!