I wanted to replace a semicolon (“;”) within a string with a value mark using the paragraph process within SB+ Server.

It is not actually possible to use a “;” within a paragraph. It returns with an ‘error in expression’ error message.

As a test, I created a simple TEST paragraph with:

 @VALUE = “;” 

and the same error message is returned.

This is in SB+ Server PE on UniVerse PE 10.2.0 on Linux, Pick Format account.

One of the more weird ones…


I posted this into the Sbsolutions forum at u2ug.org. I go back a number of responses, all recommending to use the CHAR(59) solution (which I had already done), but no one considered it a bug as such.

It is due to the semicolon being the multiple statement separator within a line and there is some bad code within the SB+ paragraph interpreter getting confused. The UniBasic interpreter/compiler does not have this problem…