One of the really good features of the 5.4 upgrade is the ability to add the ‘Additional Selection Parameters’ to the end of an S: process.

The format is (from the SB+ reference manual, page 3-237):

S:SELECT filename [ selectioncrit ] [ dispfields ] [ (options [ (processafter ] ]

Now add 5.4 stuff,

S:SELECT filename [ selectioncrit ] [ dispfields ]
[ (options
[ (processafter :@VM:@VM:

See the Selection Process for more info. The downloadentirelist is ‘1’ for all in list.

So, what is the big deal?

Well, it means that I can create a process (Paragraph) that will always select the criteria I want. I can then pass as parameters (@PARAM) what type of format I want the list returned as.

Sometimes I want the user to select a subset of the list or just one item. Sometimes I want the whole list – for a report. Sometimes I want it in @VALUE, sometimes data stacked.

Therefore, I can use the process in as intuitive help, as a validation, as a selection in a report and many other places. I always get the same list back, and there is only ONE place to edit and control for changes.

Always the same financial transactions, same postcodes, same whatever…

It was always possible to do this by the changing the options, but now the S: process is complete.