Rocket Software, the owners of the U2 products have just issued their latest newsletter with some interesting bits and pieces.

You can get the newsletter online at

There is the annual U2 University in Denver, CO on November 9th. There is no information regarding the sessions or otherwise. Only 3 months to go…

For users who are still in the wonderful world of green (screen, that is), the new version of wIntegrate has a ‘parameter based’ green screen to gui converter built-in. But alas, the tech note regarding this is locked away behind the highly proprietary firewall. As a developer, whom wishes to direct your own future, why would put up with this? Makes you think twice about open-source development tools.

On the other hand is the developer zone, a new (?) web site to help brand new and experienced developers do more with U2. It’s currently just sales blurb for the U2 products, so more is to come, as stated within the newsletter.

So, sales are good in the USA at least. Long live legacy databases.