Hip Pocket Guide to HTML 5.1: An A-Z Quick Reference to the Latest Version of HTML



Web pages are written in a friendly, accessible language that is straightforward and easy to learn. This language, the HyperText Markup Language, usually called by its initialism, HTML, is the subject of this book. If you were writing HTML at the turn of the millennium, you most likely had a copy of the original Hip Pocket Guide to HTML 4. This is a fully updated and modernized edition of that same book.

Like the Web itself, HTML is constantly changing and evolving. In recent years, the pace of change to HTML has accelerated. What this means is that if you learned HTML last year, chances are that new things have been added to the language and you need a refresher or an up-to-date guide to get you up to speed with what’s new.

HTML 5.1 is the latest version of the language of the web. This book is your roadmap to all of the new elements and attributes that make modern web development possible. Building on the dramatic improvements made to HTML with HTML5, HTML 5.1 clarifies and cleans up numerous tags, and adds some brand new ones!

Do you want to know the correct way to use the section element or the article element? Want to know what elements can be used inside a figure element, or what the possible types of form inputs are? Look no further!
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