I have been spending some time on the new PDF facility in SB+ 5.4.

As it is based on the HTML page, it inherits all the HTML report problems; like all fields must be left justified else they will not line up with their headings.

It also does not seem possible to get rid of the PDF setup dialog box each time the report is run.

This is silly as the setup info is too complex for a user to play with. I was hoping to change all reports over to PDF’s else I will need to have two sets of reports, one for PDF and one for screen/printer.

I do get the feeling that this was some engineers pet project – it’s just not user friendly at all.

So sad…

But, I do have a good use for it; the ability to create a simple statement which can be emailed to a customer. Good show. Then I was using PDFCreator for that – open source, free and worked very well – with all the same functionality.

I will experiment some more and see what is easier for the users of the system.