Last year while looking for something else regarding fonts, I accidentally found a method of replacing non-standard fonts within a web page with flash. It all started with another web site and the pigpen font (that in itself was difficult to find), but thats another story…

Anyway, I thought that I would try using this technique here as I have found rather a nice font for the heading at the top of the U2 Blog web pages.

The font is called SF Outer Limits from Shy Fonts. Universe is sort of a spacey sounding word and a search on Unidata always finds some space related links. So I think the font fits in well with all these themes, along with the computer/database theme.

To change these 6 little letters ended up being almost a two day job. I started with trying to remember and find the method of converting the font to flash. This lead down a number of dark passages to WEFT and TrueDoc. . Neither of these were what I was looking for.

Eventually I did find the method – sIFR. Now, this is all rather magical. Using javascript, within the browser, after the page has been downloaded, the selected text is analyzed, made invisible and replaced with a flash object with the text in the required font.

I must confess, most of the problems I had were with WordPress, the software I use on this web site. Finding, selecting, and correctly identifying the actual text got tricky as it is all read from a database and formatted on the fly via a theme CSS file. So, after digging out my CSS book and going through the class, tag, and ID notations, I finally arrived with the U2 Blog logo at the top of the page.

All good stuff.