The latest Linux Magazine (October 2007) has an article about MySQL Proxy – MySQLForge Wiki.

This is a piece of software that sits between the MySQL client (or any sql client) and MySQL server. It traps the SQL commands and via a small embedded programming language (LUA) the command can be modified on the fly.

The significance?

Well, it should be possible to write an UniQuery to SQL converter within MySQL Proxy so you can query an external MySQL database as if it were a U2 database within ECL (query processor) and UniBasic. It would be a cut-down version of the UniQuery syntax of course.

Or you could go a step further and write a complete u2 database emulation within MySQL.


Well, you would have to create a metadata table (during the SQL ‘create table’ statement?) to emulate the dictionary (DICT) of each data table and then do table joins on the fly (for multivalued fields, as they would all be stored in separate tables), along with virtual field calculations, to return the same result as UniQuery does.

Similar to the ONware product. See their white paper for more thoughts.

It is actually all rather possible.

And then you could use parrot to write a UniBasic compiler/runtime. Mmmmm…