The new version of Microsoft’s Office has been released, and there are a couple of interesting new features within the MS-Access database product

Typical of the MS web site, there seems to be multiple links to the same information; which after checking, is not the same. In particular, this page – What’s new in MS-Access – lists a number of new data types and features. Most were available in the 2007 version of MS-Access, except for the ‘Calculated Fields’.

A calculated field is similar to the mv database virtual field; the ability to use other fields to calculate a value. It is only limited to it’s own table though.

As of this note, I have not upgraded to MS-Office 2010. But when I do, this will be the first feature that I check out.

A search within the MS-Office products pages for ‘calculated fields’ turns up this article – ‘Calculated Fields‘ which is against the idea! Creating a calculated field within MS-Access 2010 is detailed in the introduction to tables info and within the introduction to expressions article, which is not very expressive, as the link is broken.