OKies, found that the problem actually existed in older versions of the Host Library , but showed up when the incompatibility issues between 5.3.6 and 5.4 occurred.

The problem is:

This bug is in and host library software – the TUBP file. Program TU.PC.UPLOAD.

It showed up because of incompatability issues between SB+ Server 5.3.6, host library and SBClient 5.4 (Build 4017).

The program TU.PC.UPLOAD fails with an error of: Line 192 – CONV.HANDLE previuously undefined – zero used etc.

This is due to one of the initialising programmes failing and then jumping with GOTO 20 – (lines 151 to 159).

This error handling code (label 20: – line 190) checks CONV.HANDLE with an IF statement.

CONV.HANDLE is not initialised until line 163, after the possibility of two called subroutines returning failed codes.

So, it could be fixed by moving line 163 before the subroutine calls (151 to 159). Simple – party party party…