I have been using CURL to access web pages. I have found that CALLhttp does not do cookies, and it is really not designed to do anything remotely clever or advanced.

While I was experimenting with the GCI interface (instead of EXECUTEing a shell) to run CURL, I did not terminate the process correctly. This hung the telnet session. Eventually I ran out of licenses, way before I had exceeded the max. available; about half way.

Anyway, instead of rebooting, I used taskmgr (MS-Windows Server 2000) to look at the processes currently running. There was a bunch of CURL’s and a bunch of cmd.exe’s and the hung telnet sessions. I was not able to logoff the telnets, nor was I able to terminate the processes from taskmgr (I will have to investigate this later).

So, terminated the CURL processes. After doing that, the cmd.exe’s had gone and so had the telnet sessions.

So far, all is well and the license’s are back.