I have a requirement from a client to generate a terms and conditions template. My first thought was to use the Adobe PDF suite and make a form. Then the idea of using SB+ and the new PDF feature – as this would allow auto-fill of fields for name and addresses etc. Also, it would allow tracking of activities.

So, I started with looking at the Help/Letter Text tool in SB+. I have used the help tools substantially – with limited success (another blog) – but not the letter text.

It only has options to print to Screen, Printer or aux. No good.

But, it is interesting, as when you execute the letter generation, it creates a suBroutine process; running SB.LETTER.RUN –



  • LETTER.TEST – name of letter in file xxHELP
  • A – Ask, print, screen, aux

Interesting stuff.

But, unless I make the document a report, this is not going to happen with the PDF option – and the form may be too complex for that.