What is actually going on with the progress and development of UniVerse, I do wonder sometimes.

IBM has been pushing many open source products over the last 2 years, in particular the development tool Eclipse.

After looking at Eclipse and then UniDebugger, would it not make sense to use the more mature flexible platform of Eclipse instead of further development in UniDebugger?

But most development in UniVerse seems to be about integration and migration rather than extending the development tools.

As of release 5.3.7 (or so) IBM only supplies SB+ for the U2 platforms (UniVerse and Unidata). Does this mean that the U2 databases will be relegated to the base database for this 4GL and existing legacy applications?

If IBM were developing the product to fit in with the DB2 range of products (as U2 is grouped under now on their website) they should be offering high-end tools:

  • Visual entity mapping
  • Eclipse integration
  • External scripting support (php)

I am personally sick and tired of watching all the nice administration and development tools being make available for the DB2 range of products. Even MySQL now has better development capabilities than U2…

What would happen if multivalue support was available in MySQL 5 – even using OnWare?