The PE version of UniVerse 10.2.8 (windows) was released this month. One of the new features is the UVHELP command. This seems to be brought across from Unidata.

During the install of UniVerse the HELP files are now indexed (so a message flashes up and states). This is the HELP.FILE and holds all the normal verb help descriptions along with the BASIC and CONV etc. All help text is now in one file.

To use the new UVHELP feature, type UVHELP at ECL. HELP still works but according to the release notes it will be not be updated.

Paging between screens is now done via the letters ‘U’ for up and ‘D’ for down. The page up and page down keys no longer work. ‘Q’ to quit rather than escape.

The introduction text displayed from entering ‘UVHELP’ does get messy as the lines are too long and wrap around.

From a quick look at the code BP/UVHELP, a USER.HELP can be created and updated, where the contents can become part of the UVHELP system. Nice…

It also seems that some of the BASIC extensions have also been added, so it looks rather promising.