I have been thinking about how easy it would be to implement the previously mentioned idea of using MySQL Proxy as a uniVerse query processor/converter to SQL.

Now, the CREATE.FILE can be translated to a number of create table statements within SQL and DELETE.FILE to drop table respectively; and SORT to a select etc.

But, there is actually no equivalent to the SQL alter within uniVerse at the ECL or query level.

So, it becomes quite difficult to create and alter field definitions within a file.

This is actually a deficiency within the PICK/uniVerse world. Field definitions have always been done via some sort of user screen (REVISE) or editor (ED), not by a command line; either at file creation time (as in SQL) or otherwise. If the MySQL Proxy idea was to be developed, then this would have to be overcome via a new pseudo command.

It is still an interesting situation that PICK/uniVerse has never had a need (apparently) for an alter though…