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Blink and its GFE

Nov 30, 2005

Image by Chaos07 from Pixabay

Remember a GFE in the original versions of PICK? A GFE was a structural database problem, where GFE means – Group Format Error – or more jokingly – Gone For Ever. UniVerse has BLINK and FLINK errors – Backward Link and Forward Link errors respectively.


Well, at a clients site recently, I found under a desk a box of U2 bits. I assume that someone has been collecting all the BLINK and FLINKs as they occur and not knowing what to do with them, placed them in a box:

<image lost>

Maybe they are not Gone For Ever, but just need to be saved by a dummy… 😀

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  1. davidjmurray

    The reference to ‘saved by a dummy’ is no reflection apon myself or my clients, but a reference to the fact in older PICK systems the only way to find GFE’s was to do a dummy FILE-SAVE.

    The file save process was used to force a read of every record in every file in the system, logging errors…


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