One of my clients backs up their UniVerse database using a windows based backup utility. This makes the backup process rather simple, and as it is done after hours when no database activity is happening, data and file integrity is OK.

But as I found out this week, this method of backup does have one rather large disadvantage. No database integrity is ever performed.

I decided to change the backup method due to the client wishing to change the operational aspects of their system – they are considering a 24/7 operation.

I changed the backup method to using the uvbackup utility – saving to a predefined directory which will be backed up via the windows based utility. Restoring will consist of restoring the uvbackup file and then using uvrestore to extract the necessary accounts, files and items.

While testing, what I found was database corruption in the main operational account. As a complete database scan/backup had never been performed (the windows backup utility does not understand the file structure of UniVerse) this corrupted file had never been found.

After fixing the file, all is OK.

I have now changed the backup method to use a bunch of windows cmd files which save each working UniVerse account on either a daily or weekly basis. Then I get a email of the uvbackup log file for checking.

Next will be the implementation of transaction logging. Fun oh…