Some years ago, I looked into the dashboard concept very seriously and even experimented using MS-Excel and the auto-updating of imported data. I did this by regularly exporting the data from UniVerse to a CSV file on a shared drive. Then I linked the data into MS-Excel with an auto-update of the same period as the CSV update on the server.

In concept this worked, but the amount of work required in formatting the data into candy-eye graphs and gauges was all a bit too much for me.

But, help could be at hand. An article from DBTASierra Bravo Releases Free Software to Create Desktop Widgets describes software from Sierra-Bravo called the Bravo Dashboard. This software helps setup widgets which link to your ‘legacy’ backend. There is an instructional/demo video and it is FREE…

Definitely worth a look. When I finish my PHP stuff, I will be downloading it and having a go.